Portsmouth firm won the Queen's Award for Innovation

A FIRM specialising in the design and construction of laboratory containment equipment is eyeing up a massive expansion after a record financial year.

Hilsea firm CTS Europe had three staff and made £450,000 in its first year, but its team of 26 has turned over £4 Million in the past 12 months. It now makes more than 300 laboratory containment systems it exports worldwide, including instrument cabinets and climate control enclosures. These enable scientists and laboratory workers to work with and store chemicals and hazardous materials safely and with ease. Mr Codling’s latest creation, a compact fume hood called the Lab Bubble, is now on sale and recently won the Queen's Award for Innovation. Priced at £4,250, it enables scientists to handle hazardous chemicals without a large fume cabinet often seen in classrooms and laboratories. 

‘We were very pleased to have the Lab Bubble recognised,' said Sean. ‘We're now making about 10 a month, which is quite good.’ 

To learn more about the device go to lab-bubble.com