The Package Free Larder (PFL) - crowdfunding...

To help combat the problem of plastics in the city, The Package Free Larder (PFL) aspires to be the first community-led plastic-free supermarket in Portsmouth.

Zero Waste Portsmouth, founded by Delphine Laveyne, has birthed the idea of the PFL. And what started out as a community meet-up of 50 people last October, has now blossomed into a radical business plan for a not-for-profit plastic-free supermarket. The few volunteers behind the PFL have one goal in mind: making plastic-free shopping easy and accessible to everyone. They seek to give back to the Portsmouth community by offering volunteering opportunities, free workshops to reduce plastic waste alongside the shop. Food will be dispensed into reusable containers, that customers can bring from home, eliminating the need for unnecessary plastic packaging.


They are currently crowdfunding to raise the capital they need to open the first plastic-free shop of this kind in Portsmouth. So far, over 400 individuals and small local businesses have donated a whopping £23,915 to fund this project. For the crowdfunding to be successful, they need to raise £40,000 by August 6th.

As a community-led initiative, it's wonderful to see the support The Package Free Larder have gathered so far. The team behind the project is working tirelessly to bring plastic-free shopping to Portsmouth. To support them, you can donate to their campaign here.