The University of Portsmouth's Future Technology Centre

The University of Portsmouth's new Future Technology Centre (FTC) will be home to innovative engineers of the future. It's where our students will get hands-on experience of specialist technology, and develop creative answers to the next generation of challenges facing the world.

Costing £12 million to complete, we've equipped it to the highest standard with the help of £5 million from the office for Students (formerly the Higher Educations Funding Council for England). It's further proof of our long-standing expertise in engineering.

Located in our northern quarter, the FTC is an extension to the east side of Portland building. It was designed to complement the surrounding architecture.

We'll be opening our doors to industry, with companies bringing projects into the FTC for our students to work on. This collaboration with industry will further strengthen how our students translate their learning into real-world use.

The Innovation Engineering courses will teach engineering fundamentals in the FTC, combined with projects that address problems in health, humanitarianism and the environment.