Portsmouth is looking to find out what skills matter most to city businesses

Businesses are being urged to reveal what skills matter the most to them as part of a major push to equip the next generation of local workers for the future.

Shaping Portsmouth, the business group that brings together companies and organisations from across the city, is asking employers to fill in a 10-minute online survey about skills and training.

Stef Nienaltowski, Director of Shaping Portsmouth, said the survey was a vital project that would help change the way young people were prepared for work.

‘We're committed to changing the way we're preparing the next generation for the world of work. We need local business people to do this quick survey so we can better understand their skill needs now and in the future'

The study is being run by Portsmouth City Council, a partner in Shaping Portsmouth, on behalf of the whole organisation. It asks employers about the skills their workforces have, or lack, and whether they struggle to fill particular vacancies.

It also asks for their views on apprenticeships, the educational system and training.

Complete the survey here https://www.research.net/r/portsmouth_skills_survey_2019